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  • Conveyors
    Belt conveyor Design and manufacturing for all kind of stainless steel Conveyors, Materials handling, Power transmission, Packaging industries

    Different conveying systems
    Steel slatband chains.
    Conveyor components.
    Sprockets and idlers.
    Tab curves.
    Plastic multiflex chains.
    Plastic slatband chains with low noise accumulation rollers.
    We can satisfy your needs for fast answers and deliver quality conveyor components.
  • Fillers & Cappers
    Jam automatic piston filler Inline PET bottles Filler
    19L containers' Filler Rinsing Filling Capping machine
    Semi automatic capping machine Semi automatic piston filler
    Filling and Capping Machine
  • Labeling
    Inline cold glue labeler Meccanica1
  • Pasteurizer Homogenizer
    Centrifugal separators. For Milk and Whey clarifying,
    Standardizing and Skimming.
    Piston homogenizer.
    Juices & Milk processing equipments
    Juice & Milk pasteurizer Pasteurization plant for alimentary Milk, Yogurt and Cheese.
  • Shrink Wrapper
    Shrink wrapping machine
  • Tanks & Mixers
    Jam cooking kettles Oil storage tanks
    Mixing Tanks
  • Tunnels
    Bottles & cans : Cooling, warming & pasteurizing tunnels
  • Washers
    19L containers' washer 19L containers' washer