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About US
GMM is a leading company with more than 35 years of existence. It makes a group of professionals of recognized solvency and works within the whole nourishment sectors, as water, juice, soft drink, milk, wine, ketchup, jam... and others like shampoo, detergents, cream etc...

It can help you to negotiate the purchase of complete factories, as well as to obtain for you any machine witch belong to the sectors we have mentioned above, and technical staff for the installation.

We also offer other services like reparations, maintenance according to requirements of each customer.

Many years ago, an important research and development activity has started, oriented towards expanding the applications, so as to include many types of products, as well as foreign markets that are judged important for the economic development of the company.

At the beginning GMM's production was especially dedicated to the Lebanese market, strongly expanded to foreign markets and at present the production share assigned to the export is about 75% of the turnover.

The business activities of GMM may be grouped under the following headings:
  1. Engineering and project design
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Supplying of new and used overhauled equipment.
1- Engineering and project design:
Our exclusive team and highly-trained personal ensure that we always supply the right solution.
Lay-out drawings best suiting the plant of the client, with selection of the bottling machinery.
Rendering the complete project in cooperation with same foreign suppliers of equipment not manufactured by GMM.

2- Manufacturing:
GMM is a leading company in the glass and plastic filling and packaging industry (bottles, jars...) for food products such as water, juice, soft drink, milk, ketchup, jam and oil.

GMM is specialized in the manufacturing of:
  • Complete syrup preparation rooms and CIP plants.
  • Storage and mixing tanks, starting from 100 L up to 25000 L (made of stainless steel).
  • Many types of rinsing machines, filling and capping for bottles, jars suitable for liquid and doughy products filling.
  • Labeling machines, linear type for round containers "cold glue".
  • Complete bottling lines for the rinsing, filling, capping and labeling of 5 L to 10 L PET bottles.
  • Fully automatic bottling system able to wash, sanitize, fill and cap the 5 gallons containers.
  • Pasteurizing, warming and cooling tunnels.
  • All type of conveyors.
  • Milk yogurt and cheese processing equipments.
  • Piping installation made of stainless steel.
3- Selling of new and second hand overhauled equipment:
Offering new and second hand and generally overhauled packaging and bottling plants, as well as stand alone machines, for returnable and non returnable systems, for both glass and PET packaging.
Dismantling and reassembling of complete second hand production lines.